Now you have access to a top counseling professional who is also an expert at providing relief from pain. With David Latham, you'll create a partnership that includes the tools for the best self help -- empowering you to continue the healing process. At you can receive guidance and access services, long distance or in person, for addressing virtually any problem. Good health, an optimistic view of the future and a life that satisfies and offers new opportunities is available to everyone, no matter their situation. Let David Latham, a leading counseling professional, provide you with the best self help available. He will show you how to reach your healing goals and find happiness and resolution.

David Latham diagnoses and addresses physical and emotional challenges with one cohesive treatment, providing lasting recovery for: Cancer, Quitting Smoking, Chronic Pain Resolution, Death and Dying and for those left behind, Panic Attacks, Respiratory Problems, Migraine resolution without Drugs, Weight Loss Made Simple, Anger and Depression, and Controlling Cholesterol without Drugs. Services include: Getting Relationships that Support You, Understanding What Real Meditation Is, Impartial Couples Counseling, Job Solutions, Strategies for Talking with Unavailable People, Parenting Yourself and Bodywork Training.

David Latham's proven method, called The Latham Approachâ„¢ (TLA), evolved through a lifetime of training, study, and apprenticeships. TLA is a unique way of combining a broad range of therapies, involving physical, emotional and mental treatments in a simple-to-understand and integrated way. TLA has guided individuals from every walk of life and from different cultures around the world to achieve success, helping those who have felt frustration or have not found success with traditional health professionals. After professional counseling sessions with David Latham these same people have seen results, ones they thought could never happen and also realize this was actually the best self help they could ever have since they can continue producing these results after treatment on their own. David Latham's approach works for anyone who is willing to be honest and take steps for themselves, once given the information and understanding. This is not magic,
but an adaptable and organized approach that leads to solutions.

As an example, during David's training, he discovered an approach to help people to quit smoking. David uncovered a common underlying emotional key for all tobacco smokers and developed a simple approach for releasing it. David's approach also incorporates the physical support necessary to cope with withdrawal symptoms.

Often called a medical intuit, David Latham is a counseling professional, life coach, one of the best self help teachers and hands-on body worker providing expert relief from pain with extensive training and apprenticeships in a wide range of fields.
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